Elfi / Cups / Three-stage cup

The cup that grows with your baby!

  • Hygienic and durable
  • Easy grip handles

Elfi three in one set will help you provide the right shape at the right time for all weaning stages of your child with its interchangeable lids. This innovative feeding system combines the very best systems together to satisfy all your baby’s needs in the most practical and safest way!

Stage 1: wide neck nipple
Recommended age group: 6+ months.
Gently introduces the baby to drink with the help of wide neck teat that is fun, safe and easy to clean.

Stage 2: silicone spout
Recommended age group: 9+ months.
Assists the baby in transition from teat to cup feeding with help of specially designed spout.

Stage 3: straw
Recommended age group: 12+ months.
Introduces the baby to learn how to sip with the help of safe and flexible silicone straw, a perfect way for babies to drink directly from the cup.

All parts are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Do not heat your baby's feed in a microwave oven as uneven heating can cause scalding.

ID: RK42


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